App on the PC: Clash of Clans for Windows

You want Clash of Clans for Windows 7, 8 or XP download and play? Then you are not alone, because we have asked the same question in the past and listed all the important information about an alleged PC version here and show you how you can still play on PC App. Clash of Clans is one of the most successful apps for Android and iOS and comes from the well-known developer Supercell. Supercell has next Clash of Clans also developed Hay Day, which is also very successful game for the two major mobile platforms. Clash of Clans was not only one of the first games in this genre, but also one of the best. The player’s task is to build a village to promote commodities to protect their own base and attack other players. So we would approximately describe the gameplay of the app, which it of course many other things are to experience. The mix of strategy and building game play makes Clash of Clans for many interesting hours, if not days. In addition, the app still has a great cartoon graphics with beautiful graphics and animations handsome.

In addition to numerous buildings, many units are waiting for the player, so that’s where the important strategy factor in all cases. During the game you can build your building and so get access to more units, buildings or updates. Apart from a brief single-player campaigns in the next experience you also can collect resources, there is in Clash of Clans of course also a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer looks so that you can attack the basis of other players with his troops. If this still does not carry sufficient defense and get through the enemy units to the gold camps, then you can loot the gold.

The new guild function can unite even with other players and share a goal. Furthermore, you can obtain through the Clan Castle also get help from friends when you are attacked by an enemy, and much more. A great game for Android and iOS, and as one imagines but often the question, Can you play Clash of Clans Windows 7, Windows XP or 8 games? Or is there an online version to play the game on the internet?

Clash of Clans for PC Running Windows 7 or Windows 8 – is this possible?

We have always asked us when playing the question whether it is not perhaps also a PC version of Clash of Clans Windows 7 or Windows 8 to play the great app and the computer. Unfortunately, the hunt for an official PC version without success, at least we could find to date, no. The same is true for a Facebook version, available from many other apps in this area.

Nevertheless, there is a way the app Clash of Clans to play on the computer and here is the magic word, an emulator for Android. With this Android Tablet you can a small beam on the screen and install apps. Since Clash of Clans is now also released for Android, so you can play the app on the computer.

The Short Instructions for Downloading and Installing Clash of Clans Windows

  • A brief guide for the installation of the emulator for Android you can find.
  • BlueStacks download. Is it for Mac, Windows 7- 8 and XP
  • BlueStacks install and launch the Android App Store.
  • Sign In store if necessary. Using the Google login data to download apps can.
  • Download only the app and start playing right away.

Is there a Clash of Clans online version?

As described above, we could not find online version of Clash of Clans. While there are plenty of copies or similar games on the internet but this is no means get to the real. Several months ago they have already provided us with the question of a version of the browser, but then there was also yet to not more precise. Therefore we have to unfortunately say again that there is currently no way to play Clash of Clans in your browser.

Hope dies last, perhaps brings Supercell is soon a Facebook version out. We will inform you on all the cases about it.



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