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Skyrim now has been his good three years and the current of good mods does not cease with the impending release of The Elder Scrolls Online. After the modder community had already found in Morrowind and Oblivion demonstrate that they can create a variety of extensions with added value, you may now enjoy the many Skyrim Mods finite. We have put together you a selection of slightly different mods for Skyrim 10 and we offer them to the same as a free download.

The best Skyrim mods at a glance

Addiction to it by the mainstream mod for Skyrim that just a few extra weapons or armor gives you, the easier your adventure as Dovahkiin a lot, we recommend you prefer Martins Fus Ro Dah Article: The 10 best Skyrim mods, tested by GIGA Games editors. For all who are looking for something more, here are ten Skyrim mods that Jonas has always going, and that may mean something already at our Elder Scrolls fanboy.

Skyrim Mods 10: No Spiders Mod

Ugh spider! You suffer from severe Arachnaephobie or for any other reason can not flat cut these nasty critters? This mod gives you Although no oversized paper at hand, however, all exchangeable for Frostbite Spiders in-game in Skyrim vs bear (or, alternatively, mud crabs) from. Not suitable for people with a fear of bears, but a great solution for spider hater.

Skyrim Mods Seat 9: KenMod – Time on Loading Screen

You wanted before work or school some quick quests in Skyrim do, put a few dragons or simply hone your character and you’re back outside under the sun. In Skyrim, the time goes by very quickly. Remedy warnings and loss of sense of time gives this mod It shows the current time on the loading screen and lets you your daily routine -. Albeit reluctantly – in the right light.

Skyrim Mods Seat 8: Enhanced Night Skyrim

Romances under the clear night sky from Skyrim to be refreshed, belonging by this mod. High resolution textures of original constellations let the night sky appear terrific realistic. The stellar density can be adjusted here in three different stages.

Skyrim mods Place 7: Realistic Water Textures

The splash of a nearby stream can also affect the mind positive addition to an increased bladder pressure. With this mod you get new water textures that are based on high-resolution photos. Here, you can choose from four different versions, which differ in their degrees of reflection.

Skyrim Mods 6th place: Glowing Ore Veins 300

You may seek the championship in the blacksmith’s trade, is merely the inconspicuous veins nowhere? The Glowing Ore Veins 300 Mod allows the coveted veins in Skyrim much clearer catches your eye. So the way to Eorlund gray-Mähnes release, nothing stands in the way.

Skyrim Mods Seat 4: Enhanced Blood Textures

What would be a rough game in a harsh environment with rough men and women without a few authentic blood spatter. If you are not the vivid representation of the pools of blood and splashes in Skyrim realistic enough Texture this is just the thing for you. As always, we recommend a backup copy of your data directory.

Skyrim Mods 3rd place: Nude Females

Who says he had not thought of lying. What game does not require the dingy nude mod that shows us the sweet femininity in all its glory. Whether North Valkyrie or petite elf beauty, all naked, nude, naked. The responsible Modder is still busy trying to enlarge body parts and promises a speedy update.

Skyrim Mods 2nd place: FXAA Post Process Injector

Graphically opulent Skyrim can already call, but this mod brings some nice graphic effects into play. Besides Bloom, focus, sepia tones, Technicolor and vignette of Injector still brings a lot of possibilities to meet your requirements Skyrim. The mod comes with an installer, you can choose your desired preset on the.

Skyrim Mods 1st place: Skyrim HD – 2K Textures

What can you say to that? Whose computer is powerful enough to support this mod, can explore beautiful landscapes really in Skyrim and is no longer observe the above-mentioned Loading Screen Clock. Skyrim HD replaces low-resolution textures with high resolution. Thus, the resolution increases four- to eight times. Amended textures are, for example, parts of the interior, mountains, cliffs, parts of nature, tundra-stones, cave soils and, and, and.


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