Summer Skin Care – The right skin care in summer

Skin care tips for summer

In summer not only the clothing is light and airy, even your summer skin care should be adapted to the season. In contrast to winter, the focus is now not so much on the supply of moisture to the skin.

During the summer, temperatures are increasing and more of our skin comes into contact with the sun, because we wear shorter clothes (in winter is mostly just our face exposed to the weather). Higher temperatures and humidity increase perspiration as the body tries to cool itself. This skin is oilier than in winter and at the same time increases the risk of skin blemishes like pimples. A swim on hot summer days is great to cool off, but we will get chemicals in pools from, so also can dry out the skin as well as by the salt water bathing in the sea.

Tips to protect skin during summer months

Based on summer skin care is primarily to protect the skin against the effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV protection), this is best done by means of a suitable sun protection. Adjust to the sun protection always your skin type (the lighter the skin the higher the sun protection factor). Even with suitable clothing can you protect yourself from dangerous solar radiation. If possible, seek shady places on to protect the skin. Staying in the sun is adjustable between 10 clock und 15 clock the most dangerous, because then the sun shines the most.

Increased perspiration as well as increased sebum immediately lead to clogging of the pores. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly clean as part of the Summer Skin Care the skin, it also prevents skin impurities. For cleaning also means with eucalyptus or menthol extracts can be used, this keeps the pores clean and also has a refreshing effect.

Winter care in the cellar

Replace as part of the summer skin care hydrating products because the skin the moisturizing protection during summer no longer has need of winter.

After bathing in pools or sea

Always rinse your body with cool water after swimming off to remove chlorine and salt.

Additional Summer Skin Care

A face mask should be used for skin care in summer weekly to the pores to purify the skin completely and help to keep the natural PH balance.


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