Winter Skin Care – The best skin care in winter

Tips to protect skin during the winter months

Not only will your body needs in winter than in summer clothing, your skin now requires a different care than in summer. Not only the cold is a problem for the skin, and the dry heated air does the rest.

Why is the skin care in winter, unlike in summer months?

Winter months are generally colder and drier than summer months. When the skin is exposed to the harsh winter weather, they must deal with excessive dryness and is often confused. Clothing protects most of our skin, our face is but mostly defenseless against the weather, wind and cold. Those who stay home, it has usually not better, as the constantly running the air heaters draw out the moisture, so skin care should be taken on an appropriate winter.

Sunscreen in Winter

Use even in winter sunscreen regularly, especially if you are traveling in the mountains. In the spring can be very strong despite beautiful winter landscape solar radiation. Use a sunscreen, a moisturizer or makeup that has at least SPF 15. Do not forget to protect your lips.

Moisturizer in winter

A special part of the winter skin care is moisturizing. First, you should think about the humidification of the apartment. There are humidifier to the moist air, emit means of hot fog, to the room, also available are air scrubbers, also emit air to the room. Other options: Place a pan with water or a wet towel on the radiator. Plants also provide moisture to the environment. Remember to take plenty of fluids. This is done internally with water and water-containing very foods (fruits, pickles, soups ..) and externally with lotion and skin cream.

Showering or bathing you best warm because hot water feeding natural fats. To support the Winter Skin Care optimally you can also moisturizers or bath oils add to the bath water.

Lipid products for skin care in winter

To further protect the skin from drying, it is recommended to use for showering moisturizing wash or shower lotions, these should also be pH natural. Also suitable are shower oils. After a shower or bath moisturizing body lotions are the best choice to care for your skin in winter.

Skin Care Products for Winter

When choosing skin products for winter skin care you should be careful not to use products that are beyond additional moisture, so make sure to use it, alcohol-free or at least skin products with low alcohol content. So pay special attention to pamper your skin according to the right skin care for winter.


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