Women Skin Care – The best care for demanding skin woman

Care Products for Women

In skin care products, there are large differences. Woman skincare products differ significantly from a skin care product for children skin or men skin. In women, skin care product selection also age plays a significant role.

Burden on the woman’s skin

The exterior of a woman is reflected in general again what happens inside the body. Unhealthy diet, dissatisfaction with life and stress damage demonstrably the skin. Bad habits such as smoking and high fat consumption are important skin nutrients to the body.

Since women shave (as opposed to men but usually not in the face) and women must be careful to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Restrict salt intake

Women have a tendency to store moisture in the skin, to avoid bloating it should not be excessively consume much salt.

Plastic surgery

Although men make up strong, still put more women go under the knife for a beautiful appearance. If you are a plastic surgery, you should be aware of the risks.

Factors influencing the woman’s skin

Emotional fluctuations may affect the woman’s skin as well as hormonal changes (during pregnancy or menopause).

Skin Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy you should be particularly careful when choosing your skin care products. Make sure of the skin care product no danger to the child and you run out.

At the time of pregnancy can be quite greasy normal skin. In this case, you should adjust the woman cosmetics for your skin. If necessary, products for acne should be used. For deep cleansing of the skin and remove the dead skin cells, you should use a face lotion or face lotion. It is especially important to moisturize the abdominal skin to counteract the formation of stretch marks.

Your feet will pamper you best with a foot lotion that refreshing menthol. The pigmentation sometimes changes during pregnancy, thereby increasing the likelihood of sunburn. So you never forget to apply sunscreen to protect the skin from damage.

Skin care during menopause – menopause

During menopause (also termed the climacteric or menopausal), there are variations in the amount of progesterone and estrogen, this can lead to significant changes. Facial hair can sprout at once and the skin can be dry and wrinkled. Changing hormone levels can also cause acne and favors dark spots.

Measures against dry skin woman

To avoid dry skin you should also humidification envisage using a humidifier or air scrubber can create a good indoor climate (around 50% humidity). Showering or bathing you shorter and do not forget the lotion afterwards.


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